I only have a couple of days left in my job as a campground host in Northern Minnesota. Fortunately Mother Nature is offering her very best fall days as a send off. The leaves are brilliantly colored and the sunny days magnify the effect.(More)

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I took a long walk as a way to escape the temptation to check and see how the Republicans in Washington D.C. are not doing. The last headline I saw was a reporter tweeting about congressmen boozing as the government shutdown looms. That seemed to break through my fascination with D.C. and send me off for a walk. Right now, having sent my emails, signed the petitions and made a few phone calls there is nothing I can do about this mess. I don’t do helpless well at all and sometimes exercise is a good outlet. Calling my stroll through the woods exercise is perhaps overstating things.

Since the campground is empty, there were no other human beings to hear my ranting. I have strong progressive values. I believe that government should work for “We the people.” I muttered on about the cruelty and selfishness of the GOP. I did see one squirrel who seemed to be paying attention but then maybe he could smell the peanut butter sandwich I was eating. I startled the deer as I came around one bend in the trail. Maybe I am not the only human they have heard muttering. They just looked up at me and didn’t even run away.

Eventually I came to a giant school bus sized boulder by the lakeshore. It is one of my favorite places to sit. Water calms me down. I felt some of my stress being washed away by the sound of the gentle waves the rocks. My mood changed from free range anger to one of deep sadness. I thought of all the good people who will be hurt by this charade. I felt for President Obama having to deal with these petulant jerks. I found myself sending a vision of the strength of the stones to all Democrats in Washington.

At least for me, a walk in the woods was a step towards sanity. I wish for each of you some activity that restores your soul and lets you survive this. My granddaughter standing on the rock earlier this summer..