This weekend we have articles on the GOP’s obsession with ending Obamacare, a history of ‘populist’ movements for the 1%, taxpayer subsidies for the NFL, how private prisons encourage states to imprison more people, and the human toll of rare mineral mining in Congo. (More)

obamacare repeal votes

The Plot to Kill Obamacare – an argument that the GOP’s pathological obsession with attempting to destroy the Affordable Care Act is driven by their realization that Obamacare threatens to end the status of health care in the US being a privilege rather than a right.

We Shall Overwhelm – a review of the book Rich People’s Movements, which chronicles the long history of social movements focused on defending the interests of the wealthy and, particularly, on seeking to help the top 1% avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers – a look at how the National Football League profits off of taxpayers through subsidies for stadiums, antitrust exemptions, and the non-profit status of an entity that pays its Commissioner $30 million per year.

Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and “Low-Crime Taxes” Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Corporations – a report documenting how many state contracts with private prison corporations require such prisons to have inmate populations of 80% to 100% of capacity or else the state must pay a penalty.

The Price of Precious – an article about how the rare metals and gems that go into electronic devices and jewelry often come from mines in the Congo that finance violent rebel groups and long-running military conflict.