This weekend we have articles on the resurgence of economic liberalism, the growth of economic inequality, financial aid going to the wealthy rather than those in need, progressive governance in Connecticut, and the need for American Jewish groups to dialogue with Palestinians. (More)

The Rise of the New, New Left – The political success of Bill de Blasio in NYC is the latest sign that political conditions are becoming ripe for a resurgence of the type of economic liberalism that our political system has largely abandoned for the past three decades.

Striking It Richer – The latest income data in the US shows that 95% of the gains over the past three years of economic recovery from the 2008 recession have gone to the top 1%.

Public Colleges’ Quest for Revenue and Prestige Squeezes Needy Students – Public colleges and universities experiencing substantial state funding cuts have responded by shifting their financial aid away from poor students and towards luring wealthier students to their campuses.

Dan Malloy’s Connecticut Experiment – Governor Dan Malloy (D-CT) has put together an impressively progressive record in his first term as Governor.

The American Jewish Cocoon – An argument that the organized American Jewish community has become a “closed intellectual space” that is so isolated from the experiences and perspectives of Palestinians that they have little knowledge of, much less empathy for, the challenges that the Palestinian people face.