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Fisa Judge: Snowden’s NSA disclosures triggered important spying debate

The court that oversees US surveillance has ordered the government to review for declassification a set of secret rulings about the National Security Agency’s bulk trawls of Americans’ phone records, acknowledging that disclosures by the whistleblower Edward Snowden had triggered an important public debate.

US and Russia offer revived hope of Syria peace talks

Russia and the US announced efforts to revive a stalled international process to seek a longer term solution to the Syrian civil war on Friday, although wider talks would only take place if their negotiations aimed at securing Syria‘s chemical weapons prove successful.

Protests of David Petraeus’s lectures to continue, say CUNY students

Students at the City University of New York have said they will continue protesting against David Petraeus and pledged to “make his time in New York a living hell” after a video emerged showing the former general being hounded as he left the university on Monday.

Colorado flash floods: officials order further evacuations as rains continue

Thousands more people were ordered to evacuate their homes in Boulder on Friday as rain continued to cause severe flooding in the city and elsewhere in Colorado.

Day-long New Jersey boardwalk fire dwindles as officials plan to rebuild

Hot spots could keep flaring up for days on a New Jersey shore boardwalk where a fire leveled four blocks and about 30 businesses just 10 months after the same area was devastated by Superstorm Sandy.

Voyager 1 leaves solar system

Carrying the images, sounds and technology of the 1970s, the spaceprobe Voyager 1 has left our solar system and begun a journey that will take it to interstellar space and possibly other life forms.

Shark attacks feared in Hawaii after molasses spill

Hawaii health officials have warned swimmers and surfers to stay out of the waters near Honolulu harbour after a leak of 1,400 tons of molasses killed hundreds of fish, potentially attracting sharks.

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