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Tokyo 2020 Olympics: hugs, tears and shouts of ‘banzai’ greet news of victory

TV presenters struggled to rein in their emotions while newspapers rushed out special editions. Olympians yelled “Banzai!” and a rainbow emerged through the drizzle as Tokyo greeted the news that it had been chosen to host the 2020 Olympics.

US scientists assessing damage from California wildfire as blaze rages on

Scientists are assessing the damage from a massive wildfire burning around Yosemite National Park, laying plans to protect habitat and waterways as the fall rainy season approaches.

Atlantic hurricane season: so far, so calm as weather defies forecasts

So far, so calm: despite predictions that this year’s Atlantic hurricane season would be unusually busy, the season has entered its second half and a hurricane is yet to form.

Insight: Assad forces fear rebel rampage in aftermath of U.S. Strikes

(Reuters) – It isn’t the U.S. cruise missiles that terrify Saleem, a pro-government militia fighter who survived some of the toughest battles of Syria’s civil war. It’s the rebel onslaught that could begin once American bombs start to fall.

Analysis: Waning investor demand opens door for first-time U.S. home buyers

(Reuters) – Wall Street’s billion-dollar bargain hunt for homes in depressed markets across the United States appears to have plateaued, potentially helping to cool the steep run-up in home prices and bring first-time buyers back into the market.

Climate Change Leaves Hares Wearing The Wrong Colors

The effects of climate change often happen on a large scale, like drought or a rise in sea level. In the hills outside Missoula, Mont., wildlife biologists are looking at a change to something very small: the snowshoe hare.

Where Congress Stands On The Syrian Intervention Vote

In the 48 hours since President Barack Obama said he wanted Congress to authorize a limited military intervention to Syria, members of Congress have been lining up to say they will or won’t back such action.

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