It is so easy to notice the things that are wrong. Lately I have been sending thank you emails to companies whose products work or whose employees have provided excellent service. (More)

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I had my grandchildren for 10 days. The 4 year old and 7 year old love drawing pictures with magic markers. The Crayola® washable markers actually washed out. The cream colored denim slip covers looked a bit like Jackson Polluck had been visiting. The beige head liner in my car had some interesting black lines. That also came out. One short trip to the laundromat and 10 minutes cleaning in my car and both were marker free. I clearly remember when this stuff didn’t wash out. Crayola® got a nice thank you email. I was most pleased.

My bank, USBank sent me a new debit card when my old one expired. It worked everywhere except the only USBank ATM in my small town in the north woods. They sent a new one to a nearby branch bank and made two follow up calls to see if it was working. The branch also called. Wonderful customer service for what had to be rather a pain for them. Kudos and a thank you email to them too.

Starbucks also got a thank you for their decision not to cut workers’ hours and benefits in advance of Obamacare. Since I sent them an email disagreeing with their policy on guns, I figured I owed them a thank you for their stand on Obamacare.

If you are weary of signing petitions to change the world may I suggest just finding someone doing something well and letting them know you appreciate them. At least the recipient will smile and have a nice day.