This weekend we have articles on John Lewis at the March on Washington, the mental illness among prisoners, drastic cuts to state higher education funding, a moving argument against racial profiling, and the psychological benefits of science vs. religion. (More)

John lewis march on washington

John Lewis’ Speech at the 1963 March on Washington – John Lewis, who was then the leader of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, was the youngest speaker at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, and gave an impassioned call for people to fight for the right to vote. At yesterday’s 50th anniversary March on Washington, now Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), urged us to continue that fight.

The Best Reporting on Mental Illness in Prison – a collection of essays on the prevalence of mental illness among prison inmates in the U.S., and how widespread use of solitary confinement is only making the problem worse.

Recent Deep State Higher Education Cuts May Harm Students and the Economy for Years to Come – a report detailing the 28% cut in state higher education funding since 2008, and the impact that such drastic cuts are having on students and educational quality

What I Learned From Getting Shot – an essay recounting the author’s experience of getting shot by two muggers, and explaining why he still opposes racial profiling.

Can Science Deliver the Benefits of Religion? – an essay examining the question of whether scientific explanations of life and evolution can provide the same sorts of psychological benefits that many people derive from religion.