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David Miranda wins partial court victory over data seized by police

David Miranda has been granted a limited injunction at the high court to stop the government and police “inspecting, copying or sharing” data seized from him during his detention at Heathrow airport – but examination by the police for national security purposes is allowed.

France warns Syria of forceful response over chemical weapons claims

France has raised the prospect of the use of force against the Syrian government if allegations of its use of chemical weapons are proved.

Bradly Manning given 35-year prison term for passing files to WikiLeaks

Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for passing hundreds of thousands of classified military documents to WikiLeaks.

Woman dies after losing arm in Hawaii shark attack

A German woman who lost her arm in a shark attack has died, one week after she was bitten while snorkeling off Maui in Hawaii.

Russian city ready for mass evacuation if flooding worsens

Russian authorities are preparing to evacuate the far eastern city of Khabarovsk amid the worst flooding in over a century, following president Vladimir Putin’s warnings not to allow a repeat of flooding last summer that killed 170 people.

Last Nixon tapes shine light on Soviet summit and Watergate

The last of the Richard Nixon tapes have been released by the US, revealing a warm chat between the US president and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in the White House before a historic summit in June 1973.

How A Look At Your Gmail Reveals The Power Of Metadata

Sometimes, you have to give up a little privacy in order to find out how much — or how little — privacy you really have. So I handed over the keys to my Gmail account to Cesar Hidalgo, a professor at the MIT Media Lab, and the designer of a program called Immersion.

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