I’ve had my 4 year old grandson for three days. It was just the two of us. I am carefully reinforcing the BPI and progressive values in his mind. (More)

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In 2006 Amy Klobuchar sold little stuffed donkeys with an Uncle Sam top hat at the Minnesota State Fair. If you contributed you got a donkey. My donkey is in my camper and my grandson discovered it.

“What’s this donkey doing here?” he asked.

“It’s a Democratic donkey,” I replied. “Only Democrats can play with it.”

He was stark naked (actually between pajamas and clothes) and knelt over the donkey saying, “I’m a Democrat! I’m a Democrat! Go Donkeys!” His family are avid Vikings fans and a bit of the cheering seems to have rubbed off.

He did not bring a hat with him so he borrowed my Obama baseball cap to go fishing. As he put it on he said, “Obama is a Democrat too, right? I like Obama.” I was secretly wondering if I had any other gear or paraphernalia I could add to his “Democratic experience.

We went into my small town library to check out some kids books. Grandson noticed a big acrylic box filled with dollars being collected for the new library. He asked me for a dollar so he could put it in the box. The librarian leaned over the counter to visit with him and tell him what a nice thing that was to do because if everyone helped out we’d get to the goal faster. Lincoln thanked her and said he hoped everyone would help each other. The two were quietly chatting as I overheard the last exchange.

She said, “You’re really a nice young man and so thoughtful.”

He said, “I’m a Democrat too. Are you?”

She replied, rather startled, “Why yes I am and proud of it.”

He said, “We help each other don’t we?” Then he picked up his books and turned to leave.

Fortunately my son and daughter-in-law are also good Democrats. I was wondering if this was getting out of hand but it was quickly replaced by testing every surface in sight with his new magnet.