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Egypt security forces clear pro-Morsi camps: dozens reported dead

Many people have been reported killed as Egyptian security forces cleared out two Cairo protest camps that have been demanding the reinstatement of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

Palestinians celebrate prisoner release

They were greeted with fireworks, flags, cheers, tears and victory signs. Thousands of Palestinians turned out in the West Bank and Gaza in the early hours of Wednesday morning to welcome home 26 long-term prisoners released from Israeli jails hours before the first substantive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks for five years were due to begin.

Eurozone hauled out of 18-month recession by Germany and France

A strong performance by Germany and France helped haul the battered eurozone out of recession in the three months to June.

New Jersey primaries: Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan win Senate nomination

Cory Booker of the Democrats and Steve Lonegan of the Republicans have won their parties’ primary nominations for a US Senate seat in New Jersey.

Canada train crash company shut down

Canada‘s transportation agency is suspending the operating licence of the US-based rail company whose runaway oil train derailed and exploded in a Quebec town, killing 47 people.

Insight: After disaster, the deadliest part of Japan’s nuclear clean-up

(Reuters) – The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is preparing to remove 400 tons of highly irradiated spent fuel from a damaged reactor building, a dangerous operation that has never been attempted before on this scale.

10 Years After The Blackout, How Has The Power Grid Changed?

Ten years ago a sagging power line hit a tree near Cleveland, tripping some circuit breakers. To compensate, power was rerouted to a nearby line, which began to overheat and sink down into another tree, tripping another circuit. The resulting cascade created a massive blackout in the Northeast U.S., affecting power in eight states and part of Canada.

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