Actually, it’s a broken lock and I’m up to three as of this writing. What’s up with me and broken locks? (More)

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It started with the handle on the inside of the driver’s side of my car. I finally pulled so hard on the handle that it is sticking out at an odd angle. To get out I need to roll down my window and reach for the outside handle. This works. The remote lock button also still works.

Next the main entrance on my camper started acting up. I tried graphite and then spray silicone. Both seemed to work for about a week. The door has two locks. The top one is a dead bolt which still works just fine. The lower one doesn’t work and using a key doesn’t help. I’ve taken it apart twice and can’t figure out what isn’t working. No problem. I can still get in through the driver’s door.

Yesterday the lock/unlock button quit working. I can still push the locking post down and lock the door.

They say troubles come in threes. I now have three broken locks so I must be done. Right? I have started to wonder in the way of people who contemplate first world problems, if perhaps the universe is sending me a message with all the broken locks.

I went in search of the symbolism of locks. First I found, “The lock or locking can depict emotions or physical tensions we use to keep others from ‘getting at us’, or to prevent our own urges or fears from being experienced or expressed.” And then this, “Dreams about locks mean you are frustrated and need to express your feelings about a situation in real life.”

What I am frustrated with is the three broken locks. I have not repressed these feelings as friends and family can attest to. My youngest son volunteered to replace my car lock partly I think so I would shut up about it.

The only other thing I am really frustrated with is are the Republicans in the House of Representatives. I can think of several ways to put GOP and lock in a sentence that expresses my feelings none of which are appropriate for a family friendly blog.