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Baghdad bombers are ‘enemies of Islam’, says US

The United States has condemned the latest bombings in Baghdad that killed dozens of people, saying attackers who targeted civilians during celebrations marking the end of Ramadan were “enemies of Islam“.

Kidnapped teen found safe in Idaho while suspect killed

A harrowing weeklong search for a missing California teenager ended Saturday when FBI agents rescued the girl and shot and killed her apparent kidnapper at a campsite deep in the Idaho wilderness.

Kevin Rudd pledges same0sex marriage bill in first 100 days if re-elected

Kevin Rudd has used the first election debate to promise legislation on same-sex marriage within 100 days of re-election and Labor was ready with a social media campaign harking back to Labor’s famous 1972 “It’s time” election slogan ready to back up the pledge.

New leader Xi Jinping opens door to reform in China

Under the new leadership of President Xi Jinping, a quiet process of reform is under way in China. If successful, it will transform the country’s politics and the way it approaches the world.

Israel markets settler homes before Palestinian prisoner release

(Reuters) – Israel moved forward on Sunday with plans to build nearly 1,200 new homes for Jewish settlers, holding fast to a defiant settlement policy just days before its expected release of Palestinian prisoners.

Fish-inspired vessel joins Brazil offshore oil boom

(Reuters) – A strange-looking vessel inspired by the exotic sucker fish is due to leave Norway for Brazil’s giant offshore oilfields this week on a mission to revolutionize deep sea oil loading methods.

What Happened To The Children Of Civil Rights Martyrs?

Most Americans think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a brilliant young minister who was one of the architects of the civil rights movement, and who was martyred for it in 1968, when he was assassinated. But to the revered leader’s eldest son, Martin Luther King III — “Marty” to his family and friends — the famous Dr. King was just “Daddy.” And like millions of other daddies across the country, he got pestered by his kids when they wanted something

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