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Justice Department to declassify key Yahoo surveillance orders

The Obama administration has agreed to a review that could lead to the declassification of key surveillance orders in response to a lawsuit brought by Yahoo, potentially providing one of clearest views yet into the legal mechanics of the National Security Agency.

Middle East peace talks under way

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are beginning intensive talks in Washington on Tuesday aimed at reviving the moribund Middle East peace process amid warnings that this could be the last chance to reach an agreement to end the historic conflict.

BP’s Deepwater compensation fund running dry

BP has revealed that there is just $300m left in its Gulf of Mexico oil spill compensation fund after costs jumped $1.4bn (£913m) in the second quarter of the year.

JP Morgan to pay $410m in penalties for manipulating electricity prices

US energy regulators have hit JP Morgan with $410m in penalties after accusing it of manipulating electricity prices in California and the mid-west.

Propane gas explosions rock Florida town

A series of explosions rocked a central Florida propane gas plant and sent “boom after boom after boom” through the neighborhood around it. Eight people were injured, with at least three in critical condition.

Spanish train crash: politicians and royals join hundreds in memorial mass

Spanish royals and political leaders joined hundreds in Santiago de Compostela’s cathedral to mourn the 79 people killed in last week’s train crash, as investigators prepared to examine the train’s black box data recorders for more clues into the country’s worst rail disaster in decades.

Italy coach crash: prosecutors open investigation into fatal accident

Prosecutors in southern Italy have opened an investigation into how a coach carrying a party of tourists came to swerve off a motorway and plunge dozens of metres into a ravine, killing at least 38 people and injuring 10 others, several of them children.

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