This weekend we have articles on why Janet Yellen is the best candidate to chair the Federal Reserve, diplomacy with Iran, white privilege, the conservative Groundswell group, and the role of personal responsibility and blame in policy. (More)

Possible Fed Successor Has Admirers and Foes – a good overview of how people are lining up on the possibility of Janet Yellen becoming chair of the Federal Reserve. For the case of why Yellen is the best pick for the job, see here and here.

For a New Approach to Iran – an essay on how the election of moderate Hassan Rouhani as President of Iran and the ongoing war in Syria open up an opportunity for better diplomatic relations between Iran and the U.S.

The Privilege of Whiteness – an essay on the privilege that we place on whiteness in our society by treating white people as individuals while people of other races are profiled as groups.

Inside Groundswell – a look inside Groundswell, a new group formed by conservative activists in order to battle both progressives and the Republican establishment which they think is inadequately conservative.

Beyond Blame – a debate about the impact that our society’s increasing focus on personal responsibility and blame is having on economic and criminal justice policy.