This weekend we have articles on voting rights and the Supreme Court, solitary confinement in prisons, the link between unemployment and food stamp usage, how public schools can be improved, and state and local police efforts to use license plate trackers. (More)

voting rights act

The Court & The Right To Vote: A Dissent – retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens reviews Bending Toward Justice, a new book on the fight for voting rights, and critiques the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Shelby County v. Holder invalidating the preclearance provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

Trapped in the Hole: America’s Solitary Problem – a report on the harmful impacts of the increasing use of solitary confinement in America’s prisons, a punishment that has caused a 12-day hunger strike by over 30,000 California prisoners.

Explaining Trends in SNAP Enrollment – a study finding that at least two-thirds of the increase in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program enrollment over the past few years has been due to higher levels of unemployment.

Union City Blues – a review of the book Improbable Scholars, about how public school systems in places like Union City, New Jersey and Montgomery County, Maryland, have been turned around through adequate funding and a rigorous curriculum, rather than the teacher-bashing and privatization promoted by so-called education “reform” activists.

You Are Being Tracked – a report on the increasing use by state and local police of license plate trackers to record and retain data on the travels of millions of drivers.