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Senate leaders broker deal to end deadlock on Obama appointments

A deadlock in the US Senate, which has seen Republicans spend months obstructing Barack Obama’s appointments to top executive posts in his administration, came to an end on Tuesday after an eleventh-hour compromise.

George Zimmerman: half of jurors ‘initially favored convinction’

One of the six female jurors who acquitted the Florida neighbourhood watch leader George Zimmerman of murdering Trayvon Martin has revealed that three of the panel originally wanted to convict him.

Bradly Manning in final bid to havee ‘aiding the enemy’ charge dismissed

The defence team representing Bradley Manning, the US soldier who leaked reams of state secrets to WikiLeaks, has made one last attempt to persuade the judge presiding over his court martial to dismiss the most serious charge against him: that he “aided the enemy”.

Arizona wildfire escalated rapidly before 19 firefighters were killed

A new report shows an Arizona wildfire that began with a lightning strike and caused little immediate concern because of its remote location and small size quickly grew into an inferno, leading officials to rapidly order more resources in the hours before the flames killed 19 members of an elite hotshot crew.

Thousands presumed dead after India floods

More than 5,700 people missing since floods devastated northern Indialast month are presumed dead, officials have said, as rescuers struggled to bring aid to affected villages.

Georgia inmate Warren Hill granted last-minute stay of execution

A judge in Fulton County, Georgia, has blocked the execution of Warren Hill, an intellectually disabled man who was set to be put to death by lethal injection despite a US supreme court ban on judicial killings of “mentally retarded” people.

Panama seizes North Korea ship carrying weapons

The Panama Canal was at the centre of a claimed arms trafficking attempt on Tuesday when authorities said they had detained a North Korean flagged ship on its approach to the waterway from Cuba and found weapons on board.

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