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The Kingdom of Poland and the Great Duchy of Lithuania confirmed the Union of Lublin, forming the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth today (1569). Also, Lexell’s Comet passed closer to Earth than any other comet in recorded history (1770), England and Wales began civil recording of births, marriages, and deaths as Canadians anxiously waited their turn (1837), Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Russel Wallace’s papers on evolution were read to the Linnean Society (1858), the Russian State Library was founded (1862), the Netherlands abolished slavery, remembered as Keti Koti (Emancipation Day) in Suriname, on the same day the Battle of Gettysburg began (1863), the British North America Act took effect as the Constitution of Canada with John A. Macdonald is sworn in as her first Prime Minister (1867), the U.S. Department of Justice began operations (1870), Prince Edward Island joined the Canadian Confederation (1873), the Sholes and Glidden typewriter went on sale (1874), Canada joins the Universal Postal Union (1878), the first international telephone call is made between St. Stephen, New Brunswick and Calais, Maine (1881), a telegraph cable linked Canada to Bermuda (1890), the first Tour de France began (1903), SOS was adopted as the international distress signal (1908), the Communist Party of China was founded (1920), the Canadian Parliament suspended Chinese immigration (1923), United Airlines began operations as Boeing Air Transport (1931), Tokyo City merged with the Tokyo Prefecture (1943), the Philippine Air Force was established (1947), the State Bank of Pakistan was inaugurated (1948), the merger of the princely states of Cochin and Travancore in the Indian Union ended the 1000-year dynasty of the Cochin Royal Family (1948), the International Geophysical Year began (1957), anxious to get their country back into today-in-history, the Canadian Broadcasting Company linked television broadcasting nationwide by microwave (1958), Somalia and Ghana gained independence (1960), as did Rwanda and Burundi (1962), the U.S. Postal Service introduced ZIP codes (1963), a station in Toronto inaugurated color TV in Canada (1966), the Common Market, European Coal and Steel Community, and European Atomic Energy Commission merged into the European Community as Canada celebrated her 100th birthday (1967), the United Auto Workers left the AFL-CIO on the same day 62 nations, including Canada, signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (1968), England’s first Gay Pride march took place (1972), Portugal granted autonomy to Madeira (1976), and Australia granted self-government to the Northern Territory (1978), Sony introduced the Walkman (1979), O Canada officially became guess who’s national anthem (1980), the Motion Picture Association of America introduced the PG-13 rating (1983), New York City’s WFAN became the first all-sports radio station (1987), East Germany accepted the Deutsche Mark, uniting the economies of East and West Germany as Canada fumed in jealous silence (1990), the Warsaw Pact was officially dissolved (1991), China resumed sovereignty over Hong Kong as Canadians said “We need to do something!” (1997), Elizabeth II opened the Scottish Parliament as Canadians said “Um, this is our day!” (1999), the International Criminal Court was established with 66 original member states including, you guessed it, Canada (2002), the Cassini-Huygens probe began orbital insertion around Saturn (2004), and China’s Qinghai-Tibet Railway began operations (2006). And England banned smoking in all indoor public spaces (2007).

Happy Canada Day! ::hugggggs::