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This week I attended my county Democratic Executive Committee meeting. Among the topics we discussed was a wonderful thank you letter from one of our three Cesar Chavez Scholarship honorees. These scholarships were awarded to Hispanic seniors, recognized by their schools’ guidance teams for their academic excellence and community leadership. The honorees and their families were invited to be guests at our summer brunch, and I look forward to meeting them this Saturday.

As we’ll discuss later this week in Morning Feature, primary elections and online fundraising and organizing have diminished the traditional roles of national party leaders. But your local DEC still helps to recruit and support candidates in your area, as well as registering new voters and working to increase voter turnout. And while your state Democratic Party offers broad strategic guidance and support, most of your local efforts will be planned and coordinated by the grassroots leaders who make up your DEC. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to join your DEC or a local Democratic Club and help create “change from the bottom up.”