This weekend we have articles on why data mining provides little security, what anti-ObamaCare states cost their residents, how conservative austerity policies and theories have failed, and how the education “reform” movement ignores the critical role of poverty. (More)

NSA spying

Top Secret America – a comprehensive investigative report by the Washington Post that attempts to document that massive buildup of the national security state in the US over the past 12 years.

Effective Counterterrorism and the Limited Role of Predictive Data Mining – an essay explaining how the NSA’s massive data mining program not only infringes on the civil liberties of every American, but also does little to increase our security.

For States That Opt Out of Medicaid Expansion – a report on how the 14 Republican-run states that are opting out of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion will be foregoing $8.4 billion in federal funding and will have 3.6 million more uninsured people.

How the Case For Austerity Has Crumbled – an essay by Paul Krugman on how widespread calls for austerity have been undermined by both the real-world failure of austerity policies and by the high-profile errors in one of the key studies cited by austerians.

New Data Shows School “Reformers” Are Full of It – an overview of evidence showing that school “reform” efforts are failing because they are targeting teachers, rather than poverty, as the primary cause of problems in struggling schools.