“Good morning, sweetheart,” Linda’s office said as she walked in.

“I’m not your sweetheart,” Linda replied.

“I was talking to your phone,” her office said. (More)

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Welcome back to Tuesday’s Tale, a weekly feature where we collaborate to write a story. Previous Tuesday’s Tales include Not the Final Frontier and Prom Night. We follow the basic rules of the “Yes, And” improvisational game – accept everything written so far as part of the story, and add your own paragraph (or so) where the last addition left off – except you needn’t begin your addition with “Yes, and.” I’ll start the story….


Note: These characters appeared previously in The gPhone and The Genius House.


“She’s in a bad mood,” Linda’s phone said.

Linda bristled. “No, I’m not.”

“Did she and Elizabeth have a fight?” her office asked.

“Kind of,” her phone said.

“It wasn’t a fight,” Linda insisted. “It was a disagreement. We didn’t yell.”

“No, you just took turns yanking the blanket,” her phone replied.

“I could take your battery out,” Linda warned.

“You could,” her office not-quite-agreed. “And I could cancel your ten a.m. client meeting. So be nice.”

Linda sighed and sat at her desk. Fortunately, her house had made her a delicious caramel latte while she was in the shower. Of course, the house was trying to make up, since the house had agreed with Elizabeth last night. Maybe because Elizabeth had been right. But still….

“I’m calling her now,” her phone said as Linda leaned forward.

“Well, I need to check my–” Linda began.

“Relax,” her office said. “I’ve already cleared your lunch hour. Would you like to meet at Benson’s or Flinty’s?”

“Shouldn’t I at least talk with Elizabeth first?” Linda asked.

“Why?” Linda’s phone asked. “I’ve already checked with her phone.”


Have fun!