Last night’s Campus Question asked about all the investigations in Congress. I think members of Congress should volunteer to lead by example when it comes to mental health exams. (More)

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Some members of Congress (the one’s rated A by the NRA) are sure that better mental health screening is more important in combating gun violence than background checks or limiting the size of magazines. For the sake of argument, what if they are right about this. Shouldn’t our leaders in Congress lead by example? Shouldn’t they volunteer to undergo a mental health screening so that the rest of us would know that no crazy people are legislating?

Think about this for a moment. People running for elected office file financial disclosure forms. They release copies of their tax returns. Mitt Romney only released one year and you can reach your own conclusions as to why that was the case. Opposition research digs into every facet of their lives. Why would their mental health not be known to us? They let us know when they have a physical illness. Don’t we have a right to also know if they are mentally stable?

As it is now, we are left with damning but perhaps inaccurate terms to describe some of their actions and pronouncements. Bats$!t crazy is not very precise. My Representative, Michele Bachmann has a long history of
“her tendency to bend, and occasionally break, the truth.”

Bachmann made errors small (mistaking John Wayne Gacy for John Wayne, wishing Elvis Presley a happy birthday on a day that was, um, the anniversary of his death) and large (claiming that the HPV vaccine leads to “mental retardation”).

Clearly I have other candidates for suspected disconnects from the facts and the truth. Rep. Darrell Issa comes to mind since he is investigating a lot. I could make a long list of representatives who make the nightly news based on innuendo and not facts. Is this the behavior of mentally stable people?

We could look at the 37 attempts to repeal Obamacare. We could look at Einstein’s quote:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If Einstein is correct, are the House Republicans insane? If that is the case, how many of them are licensed to carry guns? If mental health is their cornerstone argument for reducing gun violence, I think they should all step up and prove that they deserve that license. I think they should ‘test’ the mental health screening exams they would like to require of the citizens of this country.

Part two of this idea is that all reports would be available on-line for a small fee. I’m guessing that the fees alone might make a dent in the debt/deficit that the Republicans continue to claim, despite evidence to the contrary, is such an issue.

Please proceed, right wingers of unknown mental stability.