This weekend we have articles on why the U.S. should not get involved in Syria, how the NRA works to elect anti-gun safety judges, why U.S. health care costs are inflated, how international arms sales are creating a new cold war, and $1.7 billion in subsidies to developers in DC. (More)

syria war

Stay Out of Syria! – an essay setting forth an argument of why we should resist the call by John McCain and other conservatives and not intervene militarily in Syria.

NRA Working to Elect Pro-Gun Judges and Prosecutors – an investigative report on the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, a front group financed by the NRA that focuses on electing judges and prosecutors who oppose common-sense gun safety laws.

The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill – an in-depth report on why we pay so much more for medical care in the U.S. despite having health outcomes that are no better than those in countries that have far lower health care spending.

The Booming Global Arms Trade is Creating a New Cold War – a report on how the pattern of rapidly escalating international weapons sales by the U.S., China, and Russia is again reflecting strategic battles between those three countries.

Developers Fund Campaigns, Score Subsidies – a report on the $1.7 billion in economic and tax subsidies that have been provided to developers in DC, and how those developers in turn have funded the campaigns of the DC officials who provided such subsidies.