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Pope John VIII blessed Branimir of Croatia, now considered the first recognition of the the Croatian state, today (879). Also, Helsingborg, Sweden was founded (1085), Dušan the Mighty enacted Dušan’s Code, the constitution of the Serbian Empire (1349), João da Nova discovered the island of Saint Helena (1502), England’s Mary I granted a royal Charter to the Derby School (1554), the Szlachta elected John Sobieski King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (1674), Russian Empress Catherine I established the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky (1725), Colombia abolished slavery (1851), expelled Douglas County Sheriff Samuel Jones and 800 pro-slavery southerners attacked and burned Lawrence, Kansas (1856), the Seventh-Day Adventist Church was founded (1863), French troops entered the Paris Commune, beginning the “Bloody Week” that would leave 20,000 communards dead and almost 40,000 arrested (1871), Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross (1881), Victoria opened the Manchester Ship Canal (1894), the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, FIFA, was founded in Paris (1904), President Porfirio Díaz and revolutionary Francisco Madero signed the Treaty of Ciudad Juárez, ending the first phase of the Mexican Revolution (1911), over 10,000 people were left homeless by the Great Atlanta Fire (1917), after their solo trans-Atlantic flights, Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris (1927) and Amelia Earhart landed in Ireland (1932), Oskaloosa, Iowa became the first city to fingerprint all citizens (1934), Louis Slotin was fatally irradiated during an experiment with the Demon core at Los Alamos National Laboratory (1946), a vandal damaged Michelangelo’s Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica (1972), the involuntary manslaughter conviction of Dan White for the assassinations of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and city supervisor Harvey Milk sparked the White Night Riots (1979), the Democratic Republic of Yemen and North Yemen agreed to merge into the Republic of Yemen (1990), and four years later the Democratic Republic of Yemen attempted to secede (1994), almost 1000 people died as the MV Bukoba sank in Tanzanian waters on Lake Victoria on the same day the bodies of the seven Trappist Martyrs of Atlas were found in Algeria (1996), five women’s health clinics in Miami, Florida were attacked with butyric acid “stink bombs” on the same day Indonesian President Soeharto resigned amidst rising protests after the killing of four student protesters at Jakarta’s Trisakti University (1998), France enacted a law pressed by Christiane Taubira that declared the Atlantic slave trade and slavery to be crimes against humanity (2001), 2000 people died as an earthquake rocked Algeria (2003), New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure opened Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest roller coaster (2005), Montenegrins approved a referendum for the independence of the Republic of Montenegro (2006), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, launched the solar-sail spacecraft IKAROS (2010). And 13 students of Aleksandër Xhuvani University died in bus crash near Himara, Albania on the same day 120 people died in a suicide bombing in Sana’a, Yemen (2012).


As we remember those whose lives were lost and homes were devastated by last night’s tornadoes in Oklahoma, please donate to the American Red Cross disaster relief effort.

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