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Struck by a severe illness, Julian of Norwich experienced the visions that would inspire her book Revelations of Divine Love today (1373). Also, Delhi’s Red Fort was completed (1648), settlers in Tennessee signed the Cumberland Compact (1780), Ecuador gained independence (1830), Maamme, Finland’s national anthem, was performed for the first time (1848), John Tebbutt of Windsor, New South Wales, Australia discovered the Great Comet C/1861 J1 on the same day Pakistan’s first railway line opened from Karachi to Kotri (1861), Thomas Edison performed the first test of his electric railway in Menlo Park, New Jersey (1880), Brazil’s Lei Áurea or “Golden Law” abolished slavery (1888), the first Giro d’Italia cycling race began from Milan (1909), three children reported the first apparition of Our Lady of FΓ‘tima (1917), the first commercial FM radio station in the U.S., W1XPW, began transmitting in Bloomfield, Connecticut (1939), the first round of the Formula One World Championship was held at Britain’s Silverstone Circuit (1950), the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India, sat for the first time (1952), The Pajama Game opened on Broadway (1954), Vice President Richard Nixon’s car was attacked by demonstrators in Caracas, Venezuela on the same day George de Mestral registered the trademark name Velcro and Ben Carlin became the first and only person to circumnavigate the globe in an amphibious vehicle (1958), 31 Berkeley students were arrested for protesting a visit by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, marking the birth of the Free Speech Movement (1960), the U.S. Supreme Court held in Brady v. Maryland that prosecutors cannot withhold exculpatory evidence in criminal cases (1963), Zakir Hussain became the third President of India and the first Muslim to hold that position (1967), at least 196 people were killed as Malays and Chinese clashed in riots in Kuala Lumpur (1969), 118 people died in a fire at the Playtown Cabaret in Osaka’s Sennichi Department Store Building (1972), an F3 tornado devastated downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan (1980), John Paul II survived an attempted assassination in St. Peter’s Square (1981), after an hours-long armed standoff, Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a row house owned by the the black liberation group MOVE, killing 11 and burning an entire city block (1985), Johnny Carson made his last television appearance on Late Show with David Letterman (1994), 600 people died as a tornado swept through Bangladesh (1996), and the U.S. and Japan imposed economic sanctions in response to India’s nuclear weapons tests (1998). And the Binh Bridge opened to traffic in Hai Phong, Vietnam (2005).