Lots of folks are waiting for something. I have a few of their stories. (More)

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Last week I was in limbo waiting for the weather to change enough to make my annual trek up to the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) Wilderness. I made the trek on Saturday but am waiting in a different campground for the snow to melt in mine. Still the big limbo is over for me and I’m happy. I wait.

My almost seven year old granddaughter is waiting for her top two front teeth to fall out. Two weeks ago we created a family guessing game and each put a quarter in the pot. All the dates we guessed have come and gone and those teeth are still in her mouth. She even wondered out loud if the tooth fairy would give up on her. She and her parents have all wiggled them to no avail. Every once in a while her tongue moves them into a most unusual position so they are sticking out almost perpendicular. She waits.

Four guys from Michigan planned a canoe trip into the BWCA some time ago. They are camping at a campground near me. Their site is about half snow and half dead brown stuff. The good news is that the pine trees are a beautiful dark green. They are the only green things other than a couple of their tents. Their canoes are still strapped on top of their vehicles. The ice has not gone out yet so canoeing is out of the question. I’ll give the guys this, they are committed. They intend to stay until they can canoe in. They are probably in their mid twenties. They say they’re having a good time just waiting. They’ll for sure like the weather today and tomorrow- high 60’s with a shot at 70. It’s good melting weather and the sun is strong enough to get a sunburn. They wait.

The very good news is that none of us is Waiting for Godot. I’ll get into my camp site, my granddaughter’s teeth will fall out and the ice will melt. What are you waiting for, other than the 2014 election?