The resident faculty left what looked like a scrap of confetti outside the mail room this morning. Upon closer examination, the staff discovered it was a clue. (More)

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Thus we return to the scrap of confetti left outside the mail room by the resident faculty as they made their way from the wine cellar library where they spent the weekend drinking thinking on our motto of Magis vinum, magis verum (“More wine, more truth”) to the hot tub faculty lounge for their weekly game where the underwear goes flying planning conference.

The Professor of Astrology Janitor nearly swept it into the waste bin before he noticed a tiny squiggle on it. He looked more closely and brought it into the mail room for detailed analysis.

“It’s a squiggle,” Chef seconded.

“Yep, it’s a squiggle,” your lowly mail room clerk agreed.

The Squirrel looked at it and tapped at his Blewberry, texting: “Yes, I can.”

We looked at him. He looked at us. For the record, we didn’t know Squirrels could shrug. He began tapping again.

“It says ‘Can you read me?'” he texted. “So … yes, I can.”

We asked if there was anything else written on the tiny scrap, as it seemed the typesize was only readable by squirrels.

“Not a thing,” he texted back. “Just ‘Can you read me?’ in fine print.”

“Ahh,” the Professor of Astrology Janitor said. “This week the resident faculty will discuss Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston’s book The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use ‘Plain English’ to Rob You Blind.”

We looked at him. He looked at us. For the record, we did know he could shrug.

“They spilled some wine last night,” he said. “They kept talking while I mopped.”

We shrugged. Okay then.


Happy Monday!