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Julius II placed the Italian state of Venice under interdict today (1509). Also, two French knights were killed and two others mortally wounded in a reenactment battle remembered as the Duel of the Mignons (1578), John Milton, blind and poor, sold the copyright to Paradise Lost for £10 (1667), Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks premiered (1749), Beethoven composed Für Elise (1810), Sarah Barry, wife of architect Charles Barry, laid the foundation stone for the new Palace of Westminster (1840), President Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ of habeus corpus (1861), the New York Senate founded Cornell University as the state’s land grant institution on the same day 1700 passengers, mostly survivors of the Andersonville and Cahaba prison camps, died when the SS Sultana exploded and sank in the Mississippi River (1865), the Australian Labor Party became the first such party to form a national government (1904), the Carabineros de Chile national police were founded (1927), the United Auto Workers gained autonomy from the American Federation of Labor (1936), South Africa passed the Group Areas Act formally segregating races (1950), Sierra Leone gained independence with Milton Margai as her first Prime Minister (1961), Expo 67 opened in Montréal (1967), 10,000 people marched in Washington, D.C. for the impeachment of President Richard Nixon (1974), Xerox PARC introduced the computer mouse (1981), the Department of Justice barred Austrian President Kurt Waldheim from entering the U.S. due to his role in the Holocaust (1987), Betty Boothroyd became the first woman elected Speaker of the British House of Commons (1992), black South African citizens voted in the first general election under the Interim Constitution (1994), NASA received the last telemetry from the space probe Pioneer 10 (2002), and construction began on the Freedom Tower in New York City (2006). And over 300 people died as 205 tornadoes struck Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee at the peak a four-day outbreak (2011).


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