My son and D-I-L bought a new kitchen sink that came in a big box. If you are tired of the TV box may I suggest you go back to cardboard for fun times. (More)

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The adults in the room saw the box as something to take apart for recycling. The kids (ages 6, 4 and 2) saw infinite possibilities. It was a ship, a fort, a hiding place and a playhouse. At one point it was going to be a zoo filled with stuffed animals. It was used open side up and open side down. To accommodate the little one, one end was turned into a door. After an hour a so they made a request for tape. Consensus had emerged that the open side would be up and taping the flaps up made for a bigger fort. Some of the extra cardboard packaging from inside was turned into a doorway.

They spent hours designing and just messing around. The hours involved minimal fighting. A few comments;

“We only bought one sink so we only have one box. We have to share.”

“I think taking one end out to make a door will mean that the 2 year old can get in and out easier. What do you think?” Part two of this comment, “We’ll have to ask Mom for help. No way she’ll give us a knife.”

“We need duct tape because the edges on top are sharp. We could get hurt.”

“What this box needs is some stickers. All plain cardboard is boring.” (Stickers and markers added at least an hour)

“Can I bring my book in yet?”

“Is there room for me to do a puzzle?”

To the little one, “You can only bring one stuffed animal in here. You choose.” To which the little one replies, “Three. Three. Three.” as she is holding three stuffed animals. She had to take turns bringing them in.

Lots of life lessons watching three kids and a box. Do you think Congress would behave as well?