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Boston Marathon bombing suspect dead, police hunt second man

(Reuters) – Police killed one suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing in a shootout and mounted house-to-house searches for a second man on Friday, with much of the city under virtual lockdown after a bloody night of shooting and explosions in the streets.

Boy Scouts announces end to ban on gay members

The Boy Scouts of America called to end a long-standing ban on openly gay members, a spokesman said on Friday, but the organization’s board must still vote in May on whether to ratify the resolution.

Texas explosion: resident of West shocked by devastation

Rescue workers were on Thursday night picking through the devastation caused by an explosion at a Texas fertiliser plant that destroyed scores of homes and killed 14 people.

Gun control reform: all but three ‘no’ senators received pro-gun cash

All but three of the 45 senators who torpedoed gun control measures in Congress on Wednesday have received money from firearms lobbyists, according to new analysis by the Guardian and the Sunlight Foundation.

Congress to vote on bipartisan immigration reform bill in June

A law to legalise the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US will be voted on by Congress in June, according to a group of eight senators who launched their bill on Thursday.

North Korea demands US withdrawal from peninsula before resuming talks

North Korea has issued a detailed statement on its terms for dialogue with the United States, after weeks of tensions.

House passes Cispa cybersecurity bill despite warnings from White House

The House of Representatives passed a controversial cybersecurity bill on Thursday in the face of warnings that it undermined privacy and a threat from White House advisers warning they would recommend President Barack Obama veto the legislation.

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