I am babysitting my three grandkids this week. I apologize in advance if any of my comments in any way reflect poorly on kids. (More)

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These are random thoughts but really are there any other kind of thoughts when conversing with an almost 7 year old, a four and a half year old and a two year old?

The four year old: “Why did the hippopotamus go to the dinosaurs? Because,(dramatic pause here) lightning!” Does that not bring to mind the whole right wing argument about dinosaurs and man living at the same time? Does it not make you want to visit a creationist theme park? Me neither but my 4 1/2 year old grandson has a good excuse, he’s a kid. Republican politicians ought to know better. Really.

The two year old granddaughter talked to her parents on facetime last night. She was animated and happy. “Hi mama. Hi dada.” She waved and danced to the Beach Boys. She blew kisses and looked, I hope, like a happy kid. When I put her to bed she was really missing her parents. “Please mama, dada, now. Here now. Come out of the phone. Come home.” This litany was repeated endless times with many, many “pleases.”

The youngest embodied the agony of progressives everywhere trying to cope with and understand the hostage taking and rule of the minority. I can certainly relate. “Come home now!” The pragmatist inside of me yields to the two year old me. “Don’t sell us out!” Sometimes, being the grownup is just too hard.

The almost seven year old is a delight and my partner for the week. As an oldest child myself, I get how unfair this is and also how very convenient and helpful she is. When I made way too many spaghetti noodles (guesstimating spaghetti is one of my life long weaknesses) she asked me if I had been to Feed My Starving Children? She proceeded to describe the experience and what it meant to her. I am thinking maybe the entire Congress ought to volunteer at least once.

So far this week has been easy because my son and D-I-L are great parents. One goal is to not blow their excellent parenting. My other goal is to both enjoy and survive this week. I’d rather be dealing with compassionate and loving kids than the Republicans in Congress.

Aren’t you relieved that this wasn’t a photo diary of politicians kissing babies?