Winning Progressive’s guide to taking action on gun safety legislation, restoring our democracy, promoting peace, and more. (More)


The primary goals of the Winning Progressive blog are to inform our readers on the issues of the day from a progressive perspective and to encourage our readers to make their progressive voices heard. We progressives are faced with a well-organized, well-funded conservative messaging machine, and a national media that consists primarily of conservative talking points, meaningless he-said she-said reporting, and mindless drivel about famous people and fake scandals. In order to counteract the vapidness of our media and the conservative megaphone that we face, it is up to all of us progressives to take the progressive message to the American people, the media, the White House, members of the House and Senate, and the letters to the editor pages of our local newspapers, so that voters and elected officials repeatedly hear a positive message about what progressive policies can do to improve our country.

Below are some issues that Winning Progressive is especially enthusiastic about and we urge our readers to take action to support. We will be regularly updating this list as new issues arise, and would also welcome suggested additions to the list, which you can e-mail to us here. On these and other issues, it is important to make your voice heard in local newspapers and through contacting your elected officials. Here are some links for doing so:

Curbing Gun Violence

* Winning Progressive post and talking points

* Call your Senators and Representative and demand that they support closing the gun show loophole, banning assault weapons and ammunition clips larger than 10 bullets, getting armor piercing bullets off the streets, and ending the freeze on gun violence research

* Support one or more of the following organizations that are working to reduce gun violence in the US – Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Restoring Our Democracy

* Write a letter to your local newspaper editor supporting publicly financed campaigns and rejecting the notion that money equals speech.

* Support the following organizations that are fighting to return our democracy to the people, rather than to just the wealthy and corporate elite – League of Women Voters, Free Speech for People, and Move to Amend

Rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline

* Winning Progressive post

* Contact the White House – 202-456-1111 and urge President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline

Protect Voting Rights

* Winning Progressive post

* Contact your Governor and state legislators and let them know that you oppose restrictive voting legislation such as photo ID laws, cutting back on early voting, and restrictions on voter registration drives.

* Support organizations such as the Brennan Center for Justice and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights that are leading the effort to defend and promote voting rights.

A Peaceful Two-State Solution for Israel and Palestine

* Winning Progressive post

* Call your Congresspeople and write a letter to your local newspaper editor to explain that (1) both sides have valid claims, (2) the blame game is pointless as both sides are at fault, (3) and a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders is the clearest path to peace.

* Support one of the following organizations that is committed to peace and non-violent change for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples: Jewish Voices for Peace , J Street, Americans for Peace Now and, Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy

Support Our Troops and Veterans by Working For Peace

* Winning Progressive post

* Urge your Congresspeople to make sure that: (1) our troops are put in harms way only when compelling circumstances require it and there are no better options, (2) that we provide for our troops and their families financially, medically, and psychologically when at war, and (3) support our veterans by providing the medical and mental health services they need, and easing the return to civilian life with financial and other assistance.

* Support the following organizations that are working to promote peace, avoid unnecessary military conflicts, and support our troops and their families – Veterans For Peace, Military Families Speak Out, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.