Since when do fools only get one day in April? There are fools everywhere, everyday and all the time. I nominate the Republican Party and all its spokesmen as the biggest fools of today.

Midday Matinee is our people watching, people doing and people being feature. Join the Woodland Creatures for an afternoon break.

Someone ought to make a law that limits fools to today only. The world would be a better and less foolish place. The Republicans are on a roll.

Rep. Don Young reminisced about hiring ‘Wetbacks’ in the middle of the GOP’s rebranding strategy and Latino outreach. Sure some Republicans denounced him but in foolish violation of PR101 they all referenced “wetbacks.” Lots of fools participated, just saying.

As polls continue to show increasing support for marriage equality, fools are rushing in, some as theocrats and others as bigots playing to an ever decreasing base; Ed Gillespie former Romney advisor, Cardinal Dolan (NY archbishop) Cardinal Wuerl (Washington Archbishop) Dave Agema (Republican National Committee member from Michigan) just to name a few fools who are standing ‘on principle.’ When your principles are to protect white, male Christian privilege it doesn’t really matter whether you are a theocrat or a garden variety fool, no rebranding or repositioning can cover up your sense of privilege and exclusion. You are one of history’s fools.

I also nominate Paul Ryan and his budget. He is preaching Ayn Rand’s gospel of selfishness to the point that even some members of the Catholic hierarchy denounce it. Do Republicans really think that gutting social safety nets for the majority of hard working Americans is anything other than utter foolishness?

I haven’t included any links from the “weird news” sites. Weird and foolish are different in my book. The two year old picking the lock to his sister’s bedroom with a nail clipper is nobody’s fool. He’s a smart and clever kid. On the other hand, the gun toting Alabama politician arrested for swiping cashews might qualify as a fool. In a warehouse store he opened a jar of nuts, ate some and put it back on the shelf without paying. Hmm. Foolish.

I long for the days when April Fools meant switching out the salt and sugar or taping the spray nozzle on the kitchen faucet open and aimed at the first person to turn it on in the morning. Those were pranks and mostly harmless. The fools in the Republican Party are far from harmless. In fact to protect the privileged few from any economic pain, they plan to make the rest of us pay. Fools!