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Off The Battlefield, Military Women Face Risks From Male Troops

Dora Hernandez gave a decade of her life to the U.S. Navy and the Army National Guard, but some of the dangers surprised her.

House Across From Westboro Baptist Is Painted With Gay Pride Rainbow Colors

Aaron Jackson took inspiration from a 9-year-old kid who stood up to Westboro Baptist Church protesters.

Senate to drop assault weapons ban in face of bipartisan opposition

A move to ban military-style assault weapons in the wake of theNewtown shooting was effectively abandoned by the Senate on Tuesday, in the face of opposition from the National Rifle Association and other gun groups.

Syria attacks involved chemical weapons, rebels and regime claim

Rocket attacks in Syria‘s two main cities early on Tuesday, which killed scores and injured dozens more, drew a series of contradictory claims from rebel groups and regime officials over whether chemical weapons had caused the casualties.

Mark Sanform and Elizabeth Colbert Busch head South Carolina field

Polls opened on Tuesday in a US congressional race that has thrown together a colourful cast of candidates including Stephen Colbert‘s sister, Ted Turner’s son and a former governor of the state who once gave new meaning to “hiking the Appalachian trail”.

South Korea on alert for cyber-attacks after major network goes down

South Korea is investigating a suspected cyber-attack that paralysed systems at major media and banks on Wednesday, amid speculation that the North could be responsible.

Deaths of marines in Nevada prompt Pentagon to ban 60mm mortar rounds

The Pentagon has banned the use of 60mm mortar rounds by its troops worldwide after seven US marines were killed by a misfire at a training ground in the Nevada desert.

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