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Julius Caesar was assassinated today (44 BCE). Also, the surrender of Sun Hao established Sima Yan as Emperor Wu, beginning China’s 155-year Jin Dynasty (280), Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first trip to the New World (1493), the Council of Trent held their first meeting (1545), George Washington’s emotional plea convinced U.S. Army officers to reject the Newburgh Conspiracy (1783), Maine became our 23rd state (1820), Archbishop of New York John McCloskey was named the first cardinal in the U.S. (1875), Liverpool Football Club was founded (1892), Rolls-Royce Limited was incorporated (1906), President Woodrow Wilson ordered U.S. troops to pursue Pancho Villa across the border into Mexico (1916), Fuad I became King of Egypt (1922), Philippine Airlines began service with a flight Manila to Baguio City (1941), Cilaos, Réunion received a world record 73 inches of rain in a single day (1952), My Fair Lady premiered on Broadway (1956), President Lyndon Johnson declared “We shall overcome” while advocating for the Voting Rights Act (1965), was registered as the first internet domain name on the same day the inauguration of President José Sarney ended 21 years of military rule in Brazil (1985), Mikhail Gorbachev was elected President of the Soviet Union, the only person to hold that office (1990), a reunited Germany gained full sovereignty with the implementation of the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany (1991), and François Bozizé deposed Ange-Felix Patasse to become President of the Central African Republic (2003). And the Arab Spring protests spread to Daraa in Syria, marking the start of the ongoing Syrian Civil War (2011).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology insists he drank no green beer while researching this week’s Bippiescopes….

Pisces: This is a good weekend to speak your mind. Guinness helps.

Aries: Align routine tasks with core values this weekend. Wear shamrocks.

Taurus: Focus on your agenda this weekend. Or corned beef and cabbage.

Gemini: Life is a parade this weekend. Remember to wear green.

Cancer: Cheer yourself up this weekend. Kiss a blarney stone.

Leo: Stay flexible this weekend. But not falling-down flexible.

Virgo: This is your weekend to be responsible. You’re the driver.

Libra: Pay attention to details this weekend. Is that beer green enough?

Scorpio: Preserve your dignity this weekend. Yes, that’s dignified.

Sagittarius: Speak your mind carefully this weekend. No slurring.

Capricorn: The devil is in the details this weekend. Or in the Bailey’s.

Aquarius: Don’t try to have fun on command this weekend. Just have fun.


Good morning! ::hugggggs::