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Cardinals head to conclave to elect pope for troubled church

(Reuters) – Roman Catholic cardinals prayed on Tuesday for divine help in choosing a new pope, hours before they go into a conclave to elect a pontiff who will face one of the most difficult periods in the Church’s history.

Falkland Islands: respect overwhelming ‘yes’ vote, Cameron tells Argentina

David Cameron has called on Argentina to respect the wishes of the people of the Falkland Islands after they voted overwhelmingly for the territory to stay British in an unsurprising but still historical referendum that aims to send a defiant message to Argentina and the outside world.

US dismissive of ‘bellicose rhetoric’ after North Korea nullifies armistice

The US has dismissed North Korea‘s declaration that the 1953 armistice with Seoul is nullified as “bellicose rhetoric” but warned Pyongyang that it will face “the full range of our capabilities” if it were to carry out its threat of a nuclear attack.

US states take patchwork approach to gun control as Congress stalls

Three months after the mass shooting of 20 young children in a school inConnecticut, states across America are adopting starkly conflicting approaches to reducing gun violence.

Harvard issues partial apology to deans over secret email search

Harvard University‘s administrators have issued a semi-apology to 16 resident deans for failing to inform them that their official email accounts had been secretly searched in an attempt to identify the source of a leaked document relating to a student cheating scandal.

Senate Dems Kick Off Efforts To Break GOP Filibuster Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

On Tuesday, Democrats will use what would normally be a straightforward exercise of the Senate’s advise and consent powers to begin a political campaign aimed at preserving one of the party’s signature Obama-era accomplishments.

Judge Overturns New York City Ban On Big Sugary Sodas

A New York state judge has knocked down New York City’s landmark new ban on big, sugary drinks, just one day before it was set to take effect.

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