I set out this morning to run errands and was wearing my navy blue Obama-Biden T-shirt. I put it on partly to cheer myself up and remind myself that we had won the election. (More)

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One stop was at the UPS store. I needed to ship a couple of birthday presents to folks back home. There were three people behind the counter which is probably why it cost me about $10 more than the post office would have. Unfortunately there isn’t a close by post office here. A man in his late fifties asked me if I voted for Obama. I replied, “Proudly.”

He then announces that he has “proudly not voted once in his entire life.”

The friend who was with me engaged him with, “Why ever not?”

I was half listening to his tirade about how they’re all crooks and liars because I was busily filling out forms and paying. Usually I tell people like him that then surely they have forfeited their right to complain but my friend is more patient than I.

The older of the two women behind the counter was helping me. She rolled her eyes as he went on. She finally said to me, “The President is just one man and the problem is in Congress. Some of them are making it very hard for him. We need a better Congress.” I agreed and suggested that she phone or email her senators and representative.

We all chatted while I finished my transaction. The third person was a younger woman who watched wide eyed but never said a word. On the way back to the car my friend asked how I thought we’d done with Fred Whispering. “Not too bad,” I replied. “He was a lost cause from the get go and the older woman was paying attention. I feel like she will be talking with the younger woman.”

The next stop was the grocery store. A young black man was bagging our groceries and said to me, “I like your T-shirt.”

I said, “Thank you. Did you vote?”

“I voted for the first time last year,” he replied. “Before that I was a minor and could not vote. We both voted for the winner.” He had a big grin on his face.

Since this is Florida and the stories of long lines were common I asked him if he’d had to wait in a long line. “No, not really very long,” he said. “I went early in the morning so I could get to work on time.”

I have a couple Obama T-shirts and perhaps my activism now will consist partly of wearing them around town. You never know who you will get to chat with. It is a great way to remind people to phone or email their Congress people with their opinions. I am not giving up!