Why should the Republicans in the House get to have all the fun screaming about the sequester? I’m planning a sequester party.

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This is a slow time of year for holidays. Presidents’ Day doesn’t really count for a party. I figure there must be something in this stand-off for Boehner et al and why should he get to have all the fun? The idea came to me the other day in the liquor store as people ahead of me seemed to be buying large quantities of those 1.75 liter bottles of gin, scotch, vodka, rum and other hard liquors. The person I was with and I were guessing at the reasons for the three or four people ahead of us in line all stocking up on booze. It isn’t time for graduation parties and we couldn’t think of any other seasonal events to explain the booze buying spree.

“Maybe people are stocking up before the sequester?” I offered.

“Does that affect liquor sales?” she asked.

“I don’t know but I don’t think so,” I said. “If the sequester somehow hit liquor sales more than 25% of Americans would be paying attention. If OFA can organize house parties for the Inaugural and the State of the Union speeches, why can’t they organize sequester parties?”

“We could organize our own,” she offered.

As we got back into our car, the idea really took off. Sequester Trivial Pursuit would be a great game for political junkies. The White House has published a 224 page list of proposed cuts by cabinet department. There’s enough detail in the report to generate thousands of questions and answers. The OMB Report Pursuant to the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 is the official title. Trivial Pursuit sounds very apropos given the absurdity of some of the cuts.

Maybe we could just put various cuts on index cards and have a group reading in a public place. Group readings were how people first heard about the Declaration of Independence. It would be kind of like the flash mobs that hit YouTube every so often.

Or we thought as the idea grew, perhaps we could have a scavenger hunt and have each person bring back one person who is/will be affected by the sequester. What a great way to expand our attendance and who doesn’t love a party. Perhaps we could focus on people whose food stamps would be cut and give them one very good meal before the mean Republicans cut WIC funding.

We’re still working on the date. We could have it on Friday, March 1st (the day sequestration officially begins) or we could wait until bits and pieces of the cuts are implemented and the effects are more widely felt.

Obviously, our sequester party is still in the planning stages. We’ll surely need to go back to the liquor store.