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This week I attended my local Democratic Executive Committee meeting. We were pleased to meet two aspiring candidates, one weighing a municipal race this year and another a U.S. House race in 2014. We were also pleased to meet one of Sen. Bill Nelson’s staffers, who expressed the senator’s gratitude for our work in 2012. He won our leans-Republican county by over 11% in 2012, an outcome that impressed both his campaign and the Florida Democratic Party. As Vice Chair of the DEC, and chair of the Voter Outreach Committee, I outlined our goals and plans for 2014. Those goals include halving our countywide deficit in voter registration and exceeding our county GOP in Vote By Mail enrollment. We will begin phone banking next month, and will also train our members in how to conduct voter registration drives. Our members were excited to be getting back to work, and we look forward to an active 20-month campaign!