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The British Parliament declared Massachusetts in rebellion today (1775). Also, with no candidate winning a majority of electoral votes in the 1824 election, the U.S. House elected President John Quincy Adams (1825), the short-lived New Roman Republic was established (1849), the Confederate Convention elected President Jefferson Davis (1860), President Ulysses Grant signed a Congressional resolution creating the U.S. Weather Bureau (1870), President Grover Cleveland signed a bill making the Department of Agriculture a Cabinet-level agency (1889), William Morgan invented volleyball (1895), Dwight Davis invited the British to challenge his Harvard tennis team for the International Lawn Tennis Challenge Trophy now known as the Davis Cup (1900), the Svalbard Treaty recognized Norwegian control of and demilitarized the Svalbard archipelago (1920), the U.S. instituted year-round Daylight Savings Time to conserve energy during World War II (1942), Wisconsin Sen. Joe McCarthy told the Republican Women’s Club of Wheeling, West Virginia “The State Department is infested with Communists” (1950), the Beatles premiered on the Ed Sullivan Show (1964), Satchel Paige became the first Negro League player voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame (1971), and Lithuanians voted for independence (1991). And the submarine USS Greenville struck and sank the Japanese Uwajima Fishery High School training vessel Ehime Maru (2001).


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