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An earthquake struck Pompeii today (62). Also, Roger Williams arrived in Boston (1631), Saint Petersburg, Russia’s Hermitage Museum opened to the public (1852), Alexander John Cuza began the process of forming modern Romania by bringing Wallachia and Moldavia together as the autonomous Danubian Principalities (1859), John Deason and Richard Oates discovered the “Welcome Stranger,” the largest alluvial gold nugget at 156.6 pounds, in Moliagul, Australia (1869), Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland announced the creation of Bakelite (1909), Mexico adopted her current constitution, on the same day Congress overrode President Woodrow Wilson’s veto of the Immigration Act that severely limited immigration from Asia (1917), Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith launched United Artists (1919), the Royal Greenwich Observatory begins broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the “BBC pips” (1924), President Franklin Roosevelt proposed his plan to enlarge the U.S. Supreme Court (1937), French President Charles De Gaulle called for Algeria to be granted independence (1962), the European Court of Justice held in Van Gend en Loos v. Nederlandse Administratie der Belastingen that certain provisions of what is now European Union law had “direct effect” and could be enforced in member nation’s courts (1963), Bob Douglas became the first black member of the Basketball Hall of Fame (1972), a nationwide swine flu epidemic began at Fort Dix, New Jersey (1976), Manuel Noriega was indicted on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering (1988), Byron De La Beckwith was convicted of the 1963 murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers (1994), and the Union Bank of Switzerland, Swiss Bank Corporation, and Credit Suisse announced the creation of a $71 million fund to aid Holocaust survivors and their families (1997). And 57 people died as the Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak swept across the southern U.S. (2008).


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