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This week I reviewed our county Democratic Executive Committee chair’s proposals for our 2013-2014 working committees, their goals, and chairs. Most of our working committees were effective in 2011-2012, and will continue with their current organizations and goals. Other committees were less effective and will be reorganized and/or retasked. Among our new working committees for 2013-2014 is a Voter Outreach Committee, which will be responsible for voter registration, vote-by-mail enrollment, and election season GOTV efforts. The DEC chair has asked me to chair that committee, as I organized similar efforts in 2011-2012. Voter registration is a new task, as in the last election cycle we were limited by new Florida laws that severely restricted voter registration drives. Most of those restrictions were overturned by courts last summer, and the Florida Democratic Party has tasked county DECs with organizing voter registration drives. I look forward to this new challenge, and to helping turn my county and my state bluer in 2014.