There was a time when most women’s clothing did not have pockets. I remember being jealous of all the pockets in men’s clothes. Times have changed. (More)

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Pockets have become a case of “be careful what you wish for.” I was missing my car keys the other day. I checked the pockets of the pants and jeans in the dirty clothes pile. Five pockets in the jeans and seven in the hiking pants but no keys. I checked all the pockets in my purse – no keys. Since I am the only one who drives this car, yelling, “Honey have you got my car keys?” wouldn’t work. I went back to the laundry pile and started in on the shirt pockets. Most only have two but some of the camping shirts have four or more.

I found the keys eventually but they aren’t my only disappearing item. Add lighters, coins, maybe a dollar bill or two, hair scrunchies, reading glasses (often found on top of my head), sunglasses, and cliff bars to the keys and you can imagine my pockets. A spare diet coke fits nicely into the pocket of my hoodie. I could probably lose a few pounds just by emptying my pockets.

When I was in high school I remember adding pockets to the pants I sewed. They weren’t part of the pattern and I wanted some. I liked Katherine Hepburn’s look with her hands in the pant’s pockets of pleated and nicely tailored menswear trousers.

So now I clearly have all the pockets I always wished for. The real problem seems to be a way to effectively utilize them. This has got to be an easier problem than sequestration. Any advice would be most welcome.