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Gun-Control Battle Spills Over To Super Bowl Ads

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is airing a 30-second spot in the Washington, D.C., area calling for background checks on all gun sales.

Egypt tensions rise as footage emerges of police beating protester

Graphic footage of a naked Egyptian man being dragged across a street and beaten by at least eight riot policemen during a protest in Cairo on Friday night has intensifed popular fury at President Mohamed Morsi and sparked calls from Egypt‘s opposition for “an end to this regime of tyranny”.

Russia and Iran meet Syrian opposition leader

The Russian and Iranian foreign ministers met the Syrian opposition leader, Moaz al-Khatib, for the first time on Saturday in a rare sign of diplomatic progress, but the bloodshed from the conflict continued to worsen, with nearly 5,000 people reported dead in January alone.

US military struggling to stop suicide epidemic among war veterans

Libby Busbee is pretty sure that her son William never sat through or read Shakespeare’s Macbeth, even though he behaved as though he had. Soon after he got back from his final tour of Afghanistan, he began rubbing his hands over and over and constantly rinsing them under the tap.

Reid, Panetta, Dempsey defend Obama’s Pentagon nominee

(Reuters) – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Senate Democratic leader and the top U.S. military officer rallied behind Chuck Hagel on Sunday after President Barack Obama’s choice for Pentagon chief endured a rocky confirmation hearing, with Panetta faulting critics for wielding their “political knives.”

Mali soccer victory caps Timbuktu’s post-Islamist rebirth

(Reuters) – For months, Salaha Najim would discreetly put up a satellite dish banned by the Islamist rebels in dusty Timbuktu, close the shutters of his house and turn on the television to watch soccer with the sound turned down.

Iran hedges on nuclear talks with six powers or U.S.

(Reuters) – Iran said on Sunday it was open to a U.S. offer of direct talks on its nuclear program and that six world powers had suggested a new round of nuclear negotiations this month, but without committing itself to either proposal.

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