The Science News Roundup brings stories and commentary about issues related to climate change, science and the environment.

Acid Rain: Scourge of the Past or Trend of the Present?

New connection between climate change and acidification of Northeast’s forests and streams

Cool Cat in a Hot Zone

Urban bobcats pick up diseases from humans, not the reverse

Technology May Soon Turn Thoughts Into Action

NSF funds research to develop potentially life-changing technology for millions of prosthetic-dependent people

New Cancer Treatments More Potent With Fewer Side Effects

Scientists are investigating new combined therapies to deliver cancer treatments that target only the tumor without damaging normal tissue

How Bacteria Get Past Our Defenses

Research team uncovers how the bacterium that causes ulcers travels through the sticky gels of stomach mucus

A Legacy of the Race to the South Pole: New Scientific Discoveries in Antarctica

Forbidding though Antarctica is, the stations located there are nevertheless irresistibly inviting to scientists, as Antarctica supports a cornucopia of unique life-forms, geologic wonders, and marine and atmospheric conditions

Permafrost Could Be Climate’s Ticking Time Bomb

Researchers conduct fieldwork to track permafrost melting in Alaska and gain insight about the release of carbon into the atmosphere

Exploring the Brain’s Relationship to Habits

Research may impact development of treatments for movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases, as well as conditions such as autism



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