This weekend we offer articles on guns in the U.S., journalists in the pocket of fiscal scold Pete Peterson, a conservative contrast on voting rights vs. campaign finance rights, the Obama administration’s opportunities on climate change, and how a drug company subsidy was slipped into the “fiscal cliff” deal. (More)

Guns in the US

The Best Reporting on Guns in AmericaProPublica‘s collection of some of the best articles about guns, gun trafficking, and gun safety regulations.

Journalists in the Service of Pete Peterson – a report on how so many leading media figures have become ensnared in the regressive fiscal vision that has been promoted by billionaire fiscal scold Peter Peterson for the past forty years.

Votes Behind Bars – as essay contrasting conservative judges’ willingness to find a right to unlimited political spending by the wealthy, yet refusing to recognize a fundamental right to vote in cases dealing with voter ID laws or the disenfranchisement of ex-offenders.

Obama’s Climate Challenge – a report on the need for the Obama administration to step up its game on tacking climate change, and the opportunities the administration has to do so in the realms of appointments, carbon policy, clean energy promotion, and international affairs.

Fiscal Footnote: Big Senate Gift to Drug Maker – the story of how a subsidy to drug maker Amgen was slipped into the “fiscal cliff” deal at a cost of $500 million to Medicare.