This weekend we recommend this great compilation of speeches on social justice and human rights put together by the folks at EdChange, an organization dedicated to promoting social justice and multiculturalism in education. (More)

martin luther king social justice

While almost all of EdChange speeches are powerful and inspiring, we’d like to recommend six in particular:

I’ve Been to the Mountaintop – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s final speech, in which he explained how the struggle of the striking sanitation workers he was helping rally in Memphis was part and parcel of the struggle for social justice that Dr. King dedicated his life to

We Shall Overcome – A speech by President Lyndon Johnson given to the full Congress, in which he urged Congress to pass civil rights legislation. In doing so, President Johnson made a major statement by adopting the “We Shall Overcome” framing of the civil rights movement.

Who Then Will Speak For the Common Good? – the historic keynote speech at the 1976 Democratic National Convention by Rep. Barbara Jordan, explaining how the Democratic party should focus on fighting for the common good, with equality for all and privileges for none

The Struggle for Human Rights – Eleanor Roosevelt’s speech introducing the International Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nation’s General Assembly’s third meeting in 1948

A Time to Break Silence – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech setting forth his opposition to the Vietnam War and explaining why it was necessary for advocates of social justice to take a stand against that war

On the Death of Martin Luther King, Jr. – Robert F. Kennedy’s short speech announcing the assassination of Dr. King to a crowd in Indianapolis