This weekend we have essays on defeating Big Money, a torture opponent’s critique of the movie Zero Dark Thirty, the inadequacies in the U.S. healthcare system, the latest science on climate change, and a balanced approach to reducing the deficit. (More)

Everyone’s Fight: The New Plan to Defeat Big Money – a collection of essays from 11 progressives about how we can break the stranglehold that Big Money has on our politics

Disturbing & Misleading – a review of the movie Zero Dark Thirty explains just how far off-base that movie’s treatment of torture and the role it did (not) play in hunting down Osama Bin Laden is.

U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health – a comprehensive comparison of health systems in the US versus various other developed nations finds that Americans have lower life expectancies and lower survival rates than do people in other developed nations.

Federal Advisory Committee Draft Climate Assessment Report – a draft report from the 60-person federal advisory committee synthesizing the latest scientific evidence regarding the reality of climate change and its impacts and causes.

The Perils of Achieving Further Deficit Reduction Solely Through Spending Cuts – a report setting forth various scenarios for achieving further deficit reduction, and explaining why a strategy focused solely on spending cuts would be economically harmful and unnecessary.