Are you having trouble finding things to be afraid of? I’m not either. I’m not particularly worried about turning into The Fly, but I do have other fears. (More)

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I made it through being afraid of the fiscal cliff. Enough Republicans got their visas stamped for a brief visit to the real world that we passed the cliff. I suppose, since it was a metaphorical cliff that it is still alive in Ben Bernanke’s imagination. Ben was trying to scare Congress and it seems like Congress is trying to scare the rest of us. Hint for Congress – you were elected to govern not spread fear.

The next specific scare is the raising of the debt ceiling, aka agreeing to pay for things we’ve already bought. I was afraid of this until I read about the platinum coin. At first I thought it was an urban legend but it’s not. Cross that ‘fear’ off the list and long live the global economy.

I offer a middle finger salute to the GOP merchants of fear. What is with them and their culture of fear? Two wars of choice and color coded terror alerts were the legacy of the Bush years. Oh and that financial crash too. They played on our fears like we were fiddles. Fear the black people for they are living off you. Fear the brown people for they are taking your jobs. Fear the LGBT folks for they are different and therefore a threat to the way we’ve always done things. Fear the women just because they’re making progress I guess. Fear the Muslims just because they’re not Christians. Fear the black man in the White House because he’s going to take away your guns.

Since the media loves suspense and conflict and has a lot of hours of air time to fill, they report on these things we should ‘fear’ with constant prattle and chirons of breaking news that only tell us that something else is broken and that we should dial up our fears and stay tuned to see just how bad it is.

I am not afraid. I am not very afraid. F*** fear. I’m not playing the fear game anymore. An overdose of fear robs us of hope. A lack of hope will paralyze us into inaction. They next time someone starts peddling fear I am going to choose to respond with either hope or love. Join me. I haven’t gotten to the club T-shirts yet.