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Boehner Ekes Out Victory In Speaker Election

John Boehner was re-elected Speaker of the House Thursday afternoon — but by a tellingly narrow margin.

Between a slightly diminished Republican majority in the lower chamber, and a small but growing chorus of detractors within his own party, Boehner’s re-election came down to the wire, and was only assured near the end of the roll call, when he finally banked enough votes to guarantee his victory.

The Violence Against Women Act’s Long Road To Oblivion

The Violence Against Women Act first became law in 1994 and has since been routinely reauthorized without controversy. By providing resources for law enforcement to combat spousal abuse, it has protected countless women from domestic violence.

Google Settles FTC Investigations, No Search Bias Found

Google dodged a potentially massive, messy antitrust case on Thursday when the U.S. Federal Trade Commissioned announced it was ending its two broad, multi-year investigations into major parts of Google’s business, search and mobile devices.

Debt Fight Threatens To Overshadow Obama’s Immigration Push

President Obama may be celebrating a victory on taxes over the House GOP this week, but the fiscal cliff agreement sets up an even nastier spending battle in the coming months, potentially complicating what was supposed to be his No. 1 legislative priority: immigration reform.

Critical Yelp Comments Allowed To Stand After Virginia Supreme Court Ruling

The critical reviews and insinuations of theft a Virginia woman posted on the websites Yelp and Angie’s List about a construction contractor she hired to improve her home should be allowed to remain up on those websites unedited, according to the Virginia Supreme Court. In December 2012, the court ruled to overturn a prior preliminary injunction that had ordered the woman to edit and remove parts of her reviews.

Outspoken Alan Grayson Gets Another Chance In Congress

Among the more than 80 House freshmen who were sworn in this week, there were several who had been there before — including Florida Democrat Alan Grayson.

After starting his first term four years ago, Grayson quickly made a name for himself with biting comments targeting Republicans — like when he said during the health care debate: “If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly.”

Venezuelan government announces Chavez has ‘severe’ respiratory infection

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez is still suffering a “severe” respiratory infection that has hindered his breathing as he struggles to recover from cancer surgery in Cuba, the government said on Thursday.

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