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Obama: Agreement On Taxes Is ‘Within Sight’

President Obama told the nation this afternoon that an agreement to prevent most Americans’ taxes from rising at midnight is “within sight,” but not yet done. An hour or so later, the key Republican in talks about the so-called fiscal cliff — Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky — agreed that “we are very, very close.”

A Busy And Head-Scratching 2012 Hurricane Season

Superstorm Sandy is what most people will remember from the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. But Sandy was just one of 10 hurricanes this year — a hurricane season that was both busy and strange.

Hillary Clinton being treated for blood clot at New York – Presbyterian hospital

The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, was spending New Year’s Eve in under observation in hospital after being admitted for a blood clot.

Clinton, 65, was admitted to New York-Presbyterian hospital on Sunday after doctors discovered the clot during a follow-up exam to a concussion she suffered in mid-December

Israeli fence construction cuts off migration from Egypt

The number of migrants crossing the border between Egypt and Israeldropped to zero last week for the first time since 2006, as construction of the last small sections of a 150-mile fence is due to be completed in the coming weeks.

Hugo Chavez suffers from ‘new complications’ after surgery

Hugo Chávez has suffered “new complications” following his cancer surgery in Cuba, his vice president said, describing the Venezuelan leader’s condition as delicate.

When fracking came to suburban Texas

The corner of Goldenrod and Western streets, with its grid of modest homes, could be almost any suburb that went up in a hurry – except of course for the giant screeching oil rig tearing up the earth and making the pavement shudder underfoot.

In Indian student’s gang rape, murder, two worlds collide

(Reuters) – One of hundreds of attacks reported in New Delhi each year, the gang rape and murder of a medical student caught Indian authorities and political parties flat-footed, slow to see that the assault on a private bus had come to symbolize an epidemic of crime against women.

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